“I think as a writer, it will be a disservice when one does not write and tell their story.”

Keziah Githinji : I think we need to learn from other countries and do our part as screenwriters by continuing to tell stories and never stopping

“… it feels like I’m contributing to people’s lives by writing, so that’s why I became one.”

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The Kenyan Movie Industry is at a Crucial Point: ‘It’s take off or crash.’, says the former chairman of the Kenyan Scriptwriters Guild.

Cajetan Boy
Cajetan Boy: ‘Collaboration is the only thing that can make filmmaking viable in a country/economy such as ours.’

“The challenges for screen writers are the same the world over”, says the Emmy Award winning screenwriter, and “…being Kenyan is not a major challenge.”

Damaris Irungu: “Africa is not a poor continent as its been said, you see it’s the wrong people telling the African story.”

Who do you identify with? What does a black Kenyan have in common with a black American? Apart from some shades of brown?

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These are my 20 plus three principles to write a screenplay. Do whatever want to do with them: add them to your own list, print them out and hang them above your desk or throw them in the dust bin.

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Boosting your immune system is one of the better and obvious ways to harness yourself against Covid-19. Strange enough, most advise focusses on hygiene and social distancing.

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What we eat, how we exercise and how we take care of our body and…

Covid-19 lockdown checklist — for printing and saving

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India’s 1.3 billion people went into lockdown at midnight, with a “total ban” on leaving homes

Arjen Westra

Arjen Westra has been publishing for more than 25 years and lives in Nairobi, Kenya with his family. Contact me here: https://mailchi.mp/8819341a084f/zs9vldifz5

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